Foreign tourists in transit to Russia without a visa can stay for 72 hours

According to the report  by Committee of Russian Federation ministers,  Government commission for bringing the laws approved legislative draft concerning creating decrease in visa barriers, which are obstacle  for development of incoming tourism inRussia.

According to legislative draft, foreign citizens who arrive toRussiain transit from countries (whose list is stated by government ofRussian Federation), via international air companies (whose list is also stated by government) can stay on area of state 72 hours without visa. Or, foreigners who arrive toMoscow,Saint PetersburgorKazanin transit and wait for flights to their next destination inRussiacan stay for 72 hours without visa, which means they can leave airport and go to town.

Non visa regime, as it was supposed will be valid for tourists who land in certain town since they are the most frequent airports and tourist destinations inRussiaand wider.

Passenger has to have: identification document, entrance permit, health insurance for period of stay inRussia, agreement for offered tourist services (including accommodation or excursion, if tourist will stay inRussiafor less than 24 hours).

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