Fight with corruption

In February, the president Vladimir Putin sent to state Duma for consideration the law plan according to which the government officials are forbidden to have bank accounts abroad and foreign emite securities. It is expected that that will be one more step to comprehensive campaign started by Russian authorities against corruption since Russian authorities are quite aware that the high level of corruption is the biggest threat to Russian economy.

By this law, owning of bank accounts abroad, is forbidden to all Government authorities, including members of board of directors of Central bank and authorities of Russian Federation and government corporations, even for paying education and medical treatments, yet it will be allowed to have immovable property outside Russian boarders, but that property will be strictly registered in Russian Federation. The law proposes that the one who act against the law can stay without job. This law will be important phase in the fight against corruption. Its first victim was Vladimir Pehtin, the head of Commission for ethics in state Duma, who had to voluntarily submit his mandate when it was seen that he didn’t register his apartment in Miami in value of million dollars. Apart from that, at least two senators plan, from the similar reasons to leave  Council of the Federation, or, upper house of parliament.

In Russia, from 1st January , already there is valid law “On control of compatibility of expenses and income of persons on government function and other persons”, which obliges the authorities to submit the reports on incomes and expenses for the family members. For reporting incorrect information or due to incompatibility of expenses with the income they can get fired, and documents are submitted to public prosecution for further investigation. Legislators are hoping that this measures will decrease the number of position abuse not only on Federal but on general level, as well as in administration of national corporations.

Russian authorities are quite aware for some time that the high level of corruption is the biggest threat to Russian economy. In December 2008 the law “Against corruption” was adopted. Putin  marked the fight against corruption as  one of the main tasks after returning on the leading position in country in 2012.

Fight against corruption was specially emphasized last year in the middle of Autumn, when real noise was set up. Everything started from big corruption affair in different national structures and companies, starting from Ministry of defense , up to Ministry of regional development. Soon after that, national attention was drawn to affair around O.A.D. “Russian space system”, the company who was responsible for creating space system GLONASS, when on accounts of fictional companies was transferred 6,5 milliard roubles (more than 210 million dollars).

Russian medias lights up the fight against corruption. In the centre of their attention during year 2012 was Ministry of agriculture, Ministry or regional development, Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications, also federal agency “Roskosmos”, “Rostelekom”, “Rosgidromet”, “Rosimiščestvo” and “Rosat”. Behind every affair was the person who with its position was in the range as minister or high positioned federal authority. Medias lit up the amounts of embezzled national money.

Citizens notice, more and more, the results of fight against corruption. According to the information of All Russian centre for study of public opinion, these results were noticed in 2007 by 36%, and at the end of 2012 by 45% of examinee.

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