50% less Russian tourists in Croatia

Even though according to list of Lonely Planet  Top 10 European destinations for 2013,Croatiais on 8th place, or among 10 destinations that tourists should visit, this yearCroatiahad real fiasco on Russian tourist market. Sale of tourist arrangements in Croatia has decreased for 40-50%.The reason is on the first place visa regime because of what the summer season 2013 has become too complicated for many Russian tourist operators who have business with Croatia, and its introduction has rose many problems in relationship between Russian tourist operators and Croatian hoteliers.

For Russian touristsCroatiahas always been expensive destination, and now Russians will have to give even more money, since they have to pay visa al well. Apart from that,Croatiacurrently lives failure because of other, cheaper destinations such asGreecewhose tourist offer is cheaper many years in a row.

Problems in concrete part of tourist market is in many parts connected to uniqueness of Russian-Croatian partnership. Croatian hoteliers would like to work with Russian tourist operators only under the terms “empty for full” (or putting at disposal certain number of beds in hotels after total or partial (not less than 50%) advance payment).In that way tourist operator takes over all the business risks, and hotel insures reservations for themselves in advance. Russian tourist operators have tried to get competitive prices under the terms of allotment ( host is obliged to give to tourist operator  certain number of beds at previously arranged terms, but without advance payment) before season starts, but they have not met with the understanding by the Croatian hoteliers, which resulted in losses and departures from the market of some Russian companies, like Ascent travel.

Olga Vojkina, the manager of tourist company Ercog said for Russian tourist portal tourdom.tv that for covering of current losses are needed funds, on which it is hard to talk today since the market has decreased. Even though she doesn’t think that big fall in numbers of tourists is continuous sinceCroatiahas its constant guests who come back every year, Vojkina points out that it would take few years that new bigger number of tourists start to arrive.

Further on, Vojkina warns that Russian market receives higher prices than European market. “After introducing visa regime the need for that number of contracts under the terms “full for empty” falls. The experience talks about decrease in hotel reservations few times a week before arrival, when possibilities for getting documents for standard visa end. People have started to plan their holiday in advance. And it is considered that a person can normally have sale if there are contracts on allotment in all hotels. I think that all Croatian hoteliers must review their agreement for next year with Russian market and offer them possibility to work in regime like whole Europe works”, the director for tourism recommends, and Russian herald publishes.

Yet Croats are not ready to give up from Russian tourists, since Russian tourists are ready to spend on their holiday bit more comparing to German tourists who come for shorter periods and know right what they want to get. Every year is a new exam for tourist operators and hoteliers, constantly new scenarios are checked and it seems like hoteliers listen to the rhythm of the market and they are ready in some cases they are ready to change their politics. Selling methods should be changed. Hoteliers’ suggestions must depend on market need. hey have to be profitable in economy and finance way for all sides. I think that next year hoteliers will be more careful towards market, more ready.”, considers Mikael Danieljan, the representative of Croatian hotel chain Maistra.

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