Egypt abolished visa fees for Russian travelers


On January 15 Egyptian authorities have abolished visa fees for Russian, informs Interfaxtourism” reffering to the newspaper AlYaum alSabia”. Therefore, from january 15 to april 30. 2015. the Russians will not have to pay the application fee of $25.

According to Egyption edition, this measure is intended to support the Russian travelers in the economic crisis. In 2014, Egypt had a rest of about 3 million tourists from Russia, but the bankruptcy of tour operators and drop of the ruble raised concerns in Egypt. That is why many owners of hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh at a loss.

According to “Al-Yaum al-Sabia” referring to the Ministry of Tourism, to support Russian tourists the country’s authorities are developing a variety of proposals, including the possibility of recovering 50% of the cost of ground handling services provided by Egypt Air to Russian companies at the airports of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.

In the opinion of the Press Secretary of the PTC Irina Turina, via the abolition of visa fees Egypt tries to keep Russian tourist flow at the same level. “Between January and September 2014, Egypt was visited by nearly 1.9 million Russians, which is 32% more than the same period in 2013, and more than in the” pre-revolutionary “2010. Which means that, after the failure associated with the Arab Spring, the number of tourists has fully recovered. Egyptians cheered, but in the last quarter of this year the number of tourists has decreased due to economic problems in Russia, “- said Ms. Turin.

She noted that a fee of $25 for individual tourist seemes to be small, but for the family turns out around $ 100 savings, which is a lot for Egyptian prices. These measures clearly give advantage to this destination, but whether it will contribute to increasing the number of tourists or not – depends on the economic situation in Russia. People will generally go on holiday only if they have money.

Source: Rata News

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