Đuro Đaković TEP under ownership of Russia company Power Machines

Due to insolvency of group AE&E (Austrian Energy & Environment) and as a part of A-Tec Austria which is from year 2002 the owner of ĐĐ TEP in Slavonski Brod, at the end of year 2010 all members were put on sale and among them TEP, whose new owner became Russian company EMAlliance or ENERGOMASHINOSTROIELNY ALLIANCE, which was bought by Russian company Power Machines a year ago and in that way they became the owners of TEP: The most critical year for that company was year 2011, since the bankruptcy of Austrian owner through financial instability and buyers suspicion, reflected of making new contracts for TEP. ”Luckily, in March 2012, already, it was acknowledged that TEP would be bought by Russian company EMAlliance so new intensive activities on making new contracts began which resulted in new businesses and employment of new capacities in November the same year.” This seven months vacuum was successfully overcame with the agreement with workers union and workers council, without termination of employment, with redistribution of working time, and also with rationalization through sending workers on hold during which they got half of their salaries, but not less than minimum of salary. When the recovery started, the workers were sent back to work. I think that that was a good decision for workers who kept their work places and for the company since we kept knowledge and qualified workers”, reminds the director of TEP Velimir Kučinar.

After turbulent recession years, the company has managed to stay on market without losing jobs, and investments weren’t absent also. In last year 2012, TEP had an income of 49 million euro with net operative profit of 3,25 million euro. “It is important that we finished the year with the contract stock of 67 million euro, so we had a good start in this year where we expect even better results with planned income of 68 million euro and net income of 4,8 million euro”, says the director of TEP Velimir Kučinar. He also adds that until the middle of September the capacity of employed workers was 100 %, and than, according to current contract statute, the employment falls down. The reason is moving of dead lines for contracts in right and losing of contract from some TEP buyers. “We have range of marketed offers, but it is evident the stop in making contracts. Anyway, we expect till the end of June to succeed contracting the new business which will insure to us business continuity”, says the director of company oriented mostly on foreign market. TEP almost 90% of its realization works in west Europe. Currently the most important project is finish of boiler installation incinerators in Vaanta in Finland, incinerator Cardiff and Ferrybridge in Great Britain. The last one is the biggest until now contracted job in the amount of 30 million euro. TEP works for all leading world plant manufacturers  on bio mass and garbage incinerators, among them for Swiss Inova, French Cnim, Andritz AEE Gratz and other, and 50 % of manufacture is on boiler incinerators. Even though they are oriented on European market, in TEP they will use potentials of Russian owners with who they will try to gain this big market, specially when talking about Russian steelworks with products for heat usage. The owner expects development in the way of technological development and making of complete technological solutions according to the system “ key in hands”, what is stimulus and new TEP’s direction to more complex products.


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