Due to introducing of visa regime Russians buy less real estates in Croatia


Introducing visa regime for citizens of Russian Federation and CIS countries reflected not only as decreased number of tourists from these countries but also on decreased interest for buying real estate. As it was noticed in Istrian agencies for real estate, Russians are less  interested in real estates than last year. Apart from visa regime situation is additionally complicated by complex procedure at buying of real estates for foreigners.

Russians to be able to buy real estate in Croatia have to open firm. Even though Russians have enough money for buying flat or house in Croatia, state does not allow that. This does not apply only on Russian buyers, but for other countries outside EU. Recently Chinese buyers were interested for buying villas in Istria. But since they didn’t get concrete answer on buying procedure, they gave up the business.

As SEEbiz.eu   transmitted, currently the negotiations are held on possibility of buying Croatian real estate for Russian buyers as physical person. Ambassador Igor Pokaz expects positive decision at the end of 2013.It would influence on an increase of number of Russian buyers. “Big growth in value of real estates should not be expected on the account of Russian tourists, but positions of Russian buyers will be firmed with the simplifying of buying procedure. So, Croatia on longer terms can become the most popular centre for buying real estates, even more because it enters European Union”, Viktorija Samuseva.

Other European countries (for example Bulgaria, Spain, Montenegro) automatically insure to the foreign owners of real estates the permit for staying and simplify the procedure  of getting bought real estate, even the possibility to stay whole year on the area of country, in Croatia foreigners can not stay in the area of country during the whole year even when they are owners of real estate in Croatia.

Russians are interested in luxury real estates or old buildings which have to be restored. In this case they would hire local companies and in that way national economy is developed. However, Russians for now can not achieve its interests due to rules of European union, and it is loss for Croatia in a first place.

Source: SEEbiz.eu i Balkan.pro

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