Detector that recognizes lie by voice

Scientists from Nižnegordsky linguistic university (NGLU) created new lie detector. Main news of this system is that the person who is analyzed does not have to be connected to detector because it works on principle of phonetics. For its work all you need is computer and microphone. Computer program records the voice and shows on monitor the diagram according to which the experts see whether the person is self confident as usual or not. Appropriate combinations of parameters  on diagram mark respondent’s stillness or disturbance.

Interlocutor can show by gestures or words his disturbance, but the program marks the smallest changes in his voice. For that invention first of all could be interested specialized services. It would help officials of airports to check for example if “ telephone terrorists” bluff or not. Apparatus could draw the attention of bank people because today financial institutions  spend lots of time and money to check loan rating  of clients, and fraudsters constantly find new ways to hide its history and lift loans worth millions. With the help of Nižnegorodsky program, its frauds could be find more quickly. In the preparation is version of program for mobile phones because today are frauds often by mobile phones. This program signals that your  interlocutor is over excited and can not cover nervousness so it is smaller chance that you will become the victim of fraud.

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