Charms of Russian sea

In spite of huge coast , to majority of Russians is not the first thing that crosses the mind when talking about sea holiday. But, if you want something more than beach, Russian seas can offer you many interesting sights: Galapagos, diving under the ice, cruising along ice sea, towns 2000 years old and kite surfing.

Tourist can expect on Chukotka big number of different trips. You can, for example, go on cruising along north seas with casual stops in Gavril bay, on Commander island and on island Itigran. On Itigran is Whale alley, old sanctuary made of skull, jaw and bones of whales from Greenland. On Chukotka there is not railway traffic and because of that in this area are mostly used motor sledges or dog carts. If you want to meet with Chukotka’s north dogs, you will have to go to very far settlements for example to Uelen, where worldwide famous workshop for bone carving is situated. There you can buy the most interesting souvenirs, such as Eskimos kind of dair, phone holder made of herniated disk kit and figures made of bones of walrus penis.

For 14-day arrangement of cruise you need 5000 euro, while the price for accommodation is from 50 euro per room. Chukotka’s autonomic county is boarder area of Russia and for that trip you need special pass of Federal Safety service. Arrangement reservation automatically means that the agency will regulate all needed documents.

Barents sea, situated between North ice ocean and Atlantic ocean, splashes the coast of Russia and Norway. Whole area is behind the polar circle and weather conditions are very instabile. But the water temperature is quite foreseeable and in winter is 5-7 degrease celsius and in summer 10-14 degrease celsius. Barents sea is unavoidable destination for diving lovers under the ice. Big number of plant and animal species live there:giant sea anemone, marine algae,sea urchins and wrasse as well as Kamchatka crabs, which are as a part of experiment brought here by Soviet scientists. Crabs are greatly acclimatized and the range of claws of some reaches up to 2 meters. Generally, holiday on islands of Barents sea is affordable Russian alternative for holiday on islands Galapagos. Gull, cormorant birds, tupik and other species of birds which live here are not afraid of people and gladly come to contact with tourists.

Accommodation price is from 75 euro per room, and price for a day of diving is from 50 euro. Obligatory terms for diving: certificated OWD PADi and Dry Suite PADI.

Japanese sea splashes the coast of Russia, Japan, South and North Korea. Nazim spit, land part 100 m wide and 5 km long, is situated not far from Vladivostok. Spit separates the Bay of expedition from the bay Raid Palada of Japanese sea and favourite place for lovers of kite surfing.

It is the best to come here in autumn, when with the biggest accuracy is possible to predict the way and power of wind. It should be ready for modest accommodation terms: small bungalows of size 2 times 3 meters (or tents), gas cookers, and joined hot water is available only at night.Apart from kite surfing, tourists have other kinds of ecological entertainment. In vicinity is bay Sivuchya, where in summer south est winds rise high waves good for traditional surfing. For only 5 euro motor boat can take you to habitat of northern fur seals. And in middle of September by car you can go to the place where the lotus blooms. Accommodation prices from 35 euro per day per bungalow, and for food 15 euro per person per day.

Baltic spit, narrow part of land 65 km long, divided between Russia and Poland. It is meditative alternative to holiday on famous Kuršska spit which is always full of tourists. From town Baltisk you can arrive by ferry, which can transfer in one ride about hundred people and about ten car. Baltic spit is full of plane hangars. In the middle of 30s in last century here was placed German Pillau-Neutief, from which was left only half ruined buildings made of bricks and plane runaway. From coastal falls is possible to see weapon of coastal guard, and in the sand is possible to see rusted shells of ammunition. The biggest advantage of Baltic spit is small number of tourists. It is also small nummber of local people, only 1200.This means that you will not have to fight for place on the beach, but don’t count on any kind of entertainment except bathing, swimming and walking. If you anyway wish to do any kind of different activities, you can go to Svetlogorska, Zelenogradska or Kaliningradska the most visited places for holiday on Russian coast of Baltic

Accommodation price is from 7 to 15 euro per person.

Even thogouh , Caspian lake is not sea, it doesn’t prevent Russians to call it like that. This lake is situated on the latitude of north Italy and French south and in area is the biggest lake in the world.On its coast is situated one of the oldest towns in Russia, Dagestan’s Derbent, which will celebrate in year 2015 two thousand years of existence. Town is famous for old Iranian citadel Narin-Kala, where there are situated old spas of local leaders- khans, as well as dungeons, which is made of underground station in the shape of pot, whose entrance is cover with the grid and vertical walls are to prevent the prisoners to escape.You can join organized group visit to local cognac factory and try drink in the hall for sampling. In the shop of this factory you can buy cognac in decorative packaging at price of 7 euro per bottle.

Accommodation price is from 30 euro per person.

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