Cats Theatre in Moscow

Cats theatre Kuklačova in Moscow was opened even in 1990, and it was situated in the building of former theatre „Poziv“ on Kutuzovski passage, bit in last years in that building total reconstruction was done. Whole project was financed by Moscow’s government and its department for culture.

The drivers’ and passer bys’ attention is attracts by few light commercial billboard hanged on theatre façade: cats empire starts its activity on improving the mood of inhabitants. And the mood of visitors rise significantly at the moment of entrance to theatre hall where in a hospitable way they meet with many cats characters from all sides from walls, benches, floors even from cloak room numbers while real cats can be seen in their “living” area on first floor.

Some of them live in luxury apartments with modern designed interior , and others had to “reconcile” with more modest accommodation, because with cats also there are differences visible, if not class differences , then in every way status differences depending on the role they play. Cats stars do not look on big number of visitors, since they are accustomed on the stage, so they with the pleasure pose in front of the photographers and cameramen.

In cats theatre there are two independent creative collectives, two different theatre poetics. One belong to Jurij Kuklačov, and second to his son Dmitrij. Their shows are presented by in advance ordered schedule, according to the one the repertoire is made in the way that no matter of visit shows, theatre gives shows in main building during the whole season.

It is interesting that with the special technology build-in in reconstructed theatre one problem was solved which similar places face up: many visitors don’t come in since they are allergic to cats. Air condition system and air purifiers enable to remove the allergy to cats, so the visitors who have this problem can peacefully watch all shows from the repertoire of cats theatre without any health problems.

“Our theatre is opened for children and youngsters, “ says Dmitrij Kuklačov. And indeed, all visitors who watched shows of Kuklačov theatre in childhood, can without hiding nostalgia, make sure that no matter of many quality changes done during the adaptation , this theatre preserved its unforgettable atmosphere. Apart for children , shows are for youngsters and adults in evening hours.

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