Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan – the fastest growing tourism markets in the CIS


International tourism have been booming in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan that have enjoyed remarkable economic growth over the past 5 years. Benefiting from the oil developments, in 2009-2013 the economies of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan grew by 5 and 4 times respectively becoming the richest countries in their respective regions.

From 2010-2013 the outbound tourism markets of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan have grown at the remarkable rates of 82% and 69% respectively, although they started at a lower rate than Russia which increased by 37% over the same period. Apart from the significant increase in outbound tourism traffic which reached over 4 mln visits abroad from Azerbaijan and over 9 mln from Kazakhstan, these markets are characterized by high travel intensity and high spend. The average tourism spend per capita from Azerbaijan is the 2nd highest in CIS after Russia, while Kazakh tourists have already entered top 10 as highest spenders in a number of destinations such as in UAE and frequently appear in the Top 10 spend of tax free purchases, in many European destinations.

In 2010-2013 the highest increase in demand among Azerbaijani tourists was seen by Turkey +106%, Italy +195% and France +155%. Other top destinations are the Emirates, the UK, Germany, the Czech Republic and Spain. While in Kazakhstan the destinations with high growth rates are:  India +150%, Italy +100%, Turkey +78%, Spain +71%, Czech Republic +50%. Other popular destinations include: China, Germany, the Emirates and Thailand.


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