Ascent Travel announced the end of business

Due to financial problems, tourist agency Ascent Travel stops its business work from today’s date 22nd July 2013.

 Ascent Travel was one of the biggest tourist agencies in Russia. It was established in year 1992.It specialised in many European destinations, first for Croatia, Montenegro, Italy and France.

On official pages of agency the information is released that the tourists will not be send any more to Croatia, Montenegro, Italy and other countries due to technical-economical reasons.

 In the same statement it is pointed out that all trips of Russians on holiday outside Russian are paid. According to his words, all tourist agencies who signed contract with Ascent and to who Ascent is not in the position to fulfil contract obligations, are called to their office to ask for refund of their funds in an official way. Among others, in the statement it was said that the office still works and receives requests for payment of fees.

 It is known that the amount of 167.000 roubles, Ascent has enabled in two insurance companies: Al’faStrahovanie and Insurance company Pomošč.

 According to the information got from Association of Tour operators of Russia on 19th July 1342 tourists have been on holiday outside Russia. About 700 of them should have come back to Russia last week, and others should have returned on 27th and 28th July.

 The end of Ascent’s business operations was explained through very bad situation on market this year. The demands have fallen down for 20% partly because of visa regime, partly because of general fall in consumption in Russia. According to the words of Boris Burikin the trips were sold at the prices far lower that the real value, and that is something that the tour operators can’t do.

According to some information, Ascent has returned to the passengers 4,5 million roubles, what is approximately 800,000 kn, and it still owns 16 million roubles.







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