Ascent returns funds to tourists

Tourist agencies stated on 29th August that Ascent Travel started to refund money to tourists. Ascent had an agreement with insurance companies Al’fa-insurance and Help thank to what the big part (around 80%) tourists got their compensation. Al’fa-insurance confirmed this information. There are no information on the amount that was refunded. „Problems at refund of money rose only in cases where money was not paid to our insured person, but to other legal person“, – it was cleared by the leader of Department of Insurance Payment of Al’fa-insurance.

We remind that on 30th July Ascent submitted claim for bankruptcy in Moscow’s Court of Arbitration. In bankruptcy procedure in offer, among other, was put trademark sign Ascent which was confirmed by director Jevgenij Sud’bin.The value of trademark sign is still not known, it is determined by professional evaluation. This estimate is paid 50 000 roubles.

It is interesting to mention that in summer of last year International travelling club (ITS) announced bankruptcy and their  trademark was put on sale which was not bought by anybody till now.



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