Aeroflot reduced cost of transportation

Aeroflot has reduced euro-denominated tariffs for international flights from the Russian Federation by 5%, effective immediately.
This measure is aimed at reducing the cost of transportation, which has recently increased due to the weakening of the Russian ruble.
Aeroflot has worked with government bodies and other Russian carriers for several years to abolish the practice of publishing fares for international flights in euros. Aeroflot believes that this practice causes inconvenience for consumers by making the cost of transportation in the Russian market directly dependent on foreign currencies.
This practice also complicates carriers’ commercial operations and hampers improvements to operating procedures. However, Aeroflot’s calls for rates to be published in rubles have not received official support.
Under these circumstances, and given the significant increase in the cost of international air transportation without a corresponding increase in people’s purchasing power, Aeroflot has decided to reduce international tariffs leaving any city in Russia starting from February 5 to stimulate demand during the low season and avert underutilization of capacity.

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