Aeroflot Launches “ Heart With Two Wings” Charity Program


These days Aeroflot starts new program „Heart with two wings“, which will offer help for children with heavy and rear illnesses who live in far parts of Russia, and demand high level of health care which it usually can not be given in their place. At the same time, travelling to the place of treatments often represents serious financial problem for many parents.

By initiative “Heart with two wings” Aeroflot bears all expenses connected to transfers of sick children and adults who accompany them to city Institute for pediatrics and back. List of children who need urgent medical care is formed via partner in project, Science centre for children health as a part of Russian academy of medical science (RAMS). Medical partner is on charity program of National Media Group.

“Heart with two wings” has big influence on citizens of Russian furthest regions such as Siberia, Far East and Kalingrad, where there is an only way of fast arrival to clinic in Moscow by plane. Project predicts not only free flights for sick children accompanied by adults but also insures transfer of medical teams for children’s health to furthest parts of Russia in order to offer health help and early diagnosis of heavy illnesses.

Program started with the arrival of Polina Shapovalova from Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, on Institute for pediatrics on Lomonosovskiy avenue in Moscow. This six-years old girl in the battle against heavy illness needs to go through medical treatments available only in capital of Russia.

“Aeroflot does few charity programs for children, so it is totally natural for us to answer on state initiatives  in the interest of small Russian citizens”, says Vitalij Saveliev from plane company. “Now our country has all possibilities to insure qualified help to children with different illnesses. Aeroflot tries to do everything to use those possibilities with maximum efficiency”, he added.

Alexander Baranov, director of Science centre for children health pointed out: “we are very happy that Aeroflot’s partners in charity projects will help to Russian children. Out Science centre fights for health protection of children for more than 250 years. As a part of “Heart with two wings” we planned to send our best doctor from our centre in far regions of Russia. Children will get qualified prime diagnostics and, if necessary, will be send to Moscow for treatments.”

Unique program is made and started in year when Aeroflot celebrates its 90th anniversary. Initiative has long term perspective, since Aeroflot in that way contributes to state actions directed on small towns of Russian Federation in order that citizens have offered maximum care in best possible terms.

Aeroflot actively participate in charity programs for children such as “Charity miles” and “Train of hope”. In the battle with the results of heavy floods on Far East, company organized transfers and children evacuation from the most vulnerable areas.

Putting the special attention on small passengers is a part of corporative philosophy of leading Russian air company. Surveys show that Aeroflot is among key plane companies in the world creating best terms for children during the flight.

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