Due to visas smaller number of Russian tourists


By introducing new Croatian visa regime for tourist from Russia, Ukraine and Turkey hit Croatian tourism, and Dubrovnik the mostly where guests of those countries stayed in big number and were at the top of best consumers. Apart from stay, the number of excursion will decrease as well to Croatia, specially to Dubrovnik, by foreign tourists, Ukraine and Turkey tourists from neighbour countries, mostly from Montenegro. Russians mostly at the last moment decide on travelling so the getting of visas through few working days is big problem and mostly main reason to decide for different destination where they don’t need visa.

Expert assistant for tourism in Chamber of Commerce Marica Pulitika thinks that visas are not the problem and that it is usual way of functioning for all countries of European Union. But agencies in Russia and Croatia and tourists themselves complain on long rows in front of Embassies and complicated administration.

On the problem of visas for Russian and Ukraine tourists many Croatian agencies which bring tourists from Russia and Ukraine, alerted among many tourist agency Atlantis Travel.

Director of Atlantis Travel Mirjana Horvat points out that they have done all actions for getting the visas faster and simpler, but still the decrease in number of tourists is present. “On the other hand “, she adds, “ the number of visits of Croatian tourists to Russia didn’t significantly decrease even though the problem of visas is present here as well. We try to ease to the tourists long rows in front of the Embassies and problems with paperworks”.

Big ease was the decision of Government from 16th May. By the amendment of Decision on temporary simplified entrance of foreigners according to valid Schengen permit for stay and visas for tourists for any country members of EU used for entrance to Croatia as well.

Detailed information on visa regime of Croatia, Ukraine, Kazan and other countries of former USSR, current CIS countries you can find on our portal http://www.russia.hr/vize/viza-rusija/


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