ASCENT finally went bankruptcy

At the end of October Court of Arbitration of Moscow considered the demand for bankruptcy of tour operator ASCENT TRAVEL and made the decision on bringing the procedure of supervision with the date period of six months. This means that the case will be considered on 29th April 2014, when it will be decided to start auction or recovery, even though the chances for recovery are almost impossible. For temporary manager of ASCENT the court named Marija Bulatova, director of company “Irma-Audit”.

Mrs Bulatova said that all demands of creditors will be considered only in case of bankruptcy of plane company. Partners or those who got non tourist product, but individual services, have to register their demands or submit the demand for including in register of lenders in time period of one month after the notice for introducing the supervision procedure for ASCENT in Komersant. Lenders’s demands, which will be submitted after the stated period will be considered in further procedure , after April 2014.

In meantime, the return of funds to buyers of ASCENT TRAVEL continues. We remind, that the insurance company “AlfaInsurance” at the end of August compensated the damage for 80% of tourists. On the other hand, insurance company Pomoć, with which the other legal person had a contract, ASCENT SP TRAVEL still didn’t finish procedure. But, according to the words of company representative in last month was returned a lot of funds, and correct amount will be published later.

But, for some tourists the compensation will be cancelled due to very strange reasons. According to the opinion of general director of ASCENT Evgenij Sudbin, insurer does all possible to avoid pay out of the compensation on time.” All funds can be demanded on the court, but a big role is time. Big number of people who wait for return of some smaller amounts, can simply give up in this situation”, said mr Sudbin.

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