HBOR and Sberbank of Russia in a project with the value of 19 million euro

Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development made an agreement on cooperation with Sberbank Russia , as a part of joined projects, first of all financing of export business.

“It is known that Sberbank Russia is the biggest bank in Russia, but also one of the fastest growing world banks. In period of one year since it over took the Volksbank, we have significant increase of loans to entrepreneurs via Sberbank, and I hope that after this agreement it will be even more intense”, as pointed out at signing of contract by Anton Kovačev, president of board of Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development. He also said that , apart that this is the good base for investments of Croatian companies in Russia and Russian in Croatia,the cooperation of two banks will be used to stimulate export of Russian and Croatian companines in Third world countries.

“Unfortunatelly, during the war, the economy connections were quite broken , export towards Russia fell down, and we hope tha tby this cooperation the export in both ways will be stimulated.At the moment we talk about three export projects to Russia in the amount of 190 million euro”, said the leader of HBOR.

First project is construction of shopping centre in Moscow, valid 53 million euro, for which HBOR will approve “buyers-loan” for buyers for Russain investor, and Sberbank will give guaranty.In the same way the construction of mobile settlemenents in Tula will be financed, in the value of 46 million euro and 159 mobile houses in Baranovo, suburb of Moscow, valid 88 million euro. “ It is the export of 190 million euro towards Russian Federation, where Croatian and Russian entrepreneurs are included”- said Kovačev.

Sergey Gorkov, vice president of management of Sberbank, has revealed that at this visit in Croatia met with the president Ivo Josipović and minister of finance Slavko Linić.”For us the cooperation with HBOR is important step , not only for business with Russia, but also for about 20 country where we do business.Croatia is important market for us, we will increase activity here and support economy”,- says Gorkov.

For May, the leaders of banks have announced joined workshop where as many as possible of Croatian exporters will join and explore the possibilities for coperation with Russian companies.

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