8 Worth visiting events in Russia during 2016 year

1. Festival of fountains in Peterhof.

The opening ceremony takes place in May and the closing is in September.

Every spring after the winter break in the enormous picturesque complex of St. Petersburg 147 fountains are turned on providing this unforgettable place with additional beauty and attractiveness. The sounds of classical music of Russian composers, ballroom dancing, cannon salvos and fireworks increase endorphins of the visitors of this magnificent festival to the maximum level. Tickets are recommended to book in advance through the official website.

2. Maslenitsa

March, 7- March, 13 2016

Maslenitsa is the old Russian holiday when people see off winter and welcome spring. This is the largest celebration after the New Year and Christmas. People burn a scarecrow from straw and organize mass sledding and a carnival. But the most important is making tones of Russian pancakes (bliny) with various toppings: from traditional red caviar to cranberries in a mint sauce. Maslenitsa lasts for a week and you can join the celebration anywhere in Russia. That is why travelers have a wide choice from funny battles to conquer snow town in Siberia to battles in the towns of Russian golden ring.

3. Reindeer breeders day on Extreme North

Beginning of March – the middle of April

The annual holiday of indigenous people of Russian north is held near Salehard (3400 km from Moscow) and Nadym (3000 km from Moscow).This is a unique opportunity to meet small nomadic peoples who travel all year round through endless expanses of tundra. During the biggest and picturesque Russian north celebration visitors can enjoy reindeer harness racing, to listen to traditional songs and to dance, to see jumping competition “Narty” (sleigh pulled by reindeer) and national martial arts. Here you can buy a lot of unusual souvenirs and local food. Interested people can learn how to survive in tundra and how to make a “Chum” (traditional tent from deerskin).

Dan uzgajivača irvasa

4. New Year holiday in Yakutia

June, 10 – June, 25

If you come to Jakutia (8400 km from Moscow) in June, you can celebrate New Year among shamans, nomads tents and horses. Winter in Republic of Sakha is quite long with average temperature around -50 degrees Celsius. There is an ancient tradition among Yakuts, citizens of Sakha to celebrate New Year on the day of summer solstice. The celebration begins with a ritual performed by a shaman who sprinkles fire and ground with mare milk. The ritual ends with a traditional dance “Osuohay” which looks like circle dance and waiting for sunrise.

Proslava Nove godine u Jakutiji

5. International festival of land-art and landscape architecture „Arhstoyanie“


End of July- Beggining of August


Festival “Arhstoyanie” has been held for ten years in Kaluga region (210 km from Moscow) and it has exceeded the scope of art park “Nikola-Lenivets” transforming the life of the nearest village Zvizzhi making a local village store, a bus station and a country culture center the objects of art. Since 2006 year 101 new art objects have been made in “Nikola-Lenivets”. More than 150 authors have been working on these objects including a founder of the festival Nikolay Polisski, as well as Sergey Choban and Francois Roche (France). During the festival of digital culture in natural surroundings each art object is represented through the experiment with light, sound, video –projections, night dance in the field under the stars with electronic music and eccentric performances in the wood.

Međunarodni festival land-arta i pejzažne arhitekture

6. Alfa Future People, International festival of electronic music and contemporary technologies


This festival takes place in the former airport on Volga river bank (420 km from Moscow). It is not coincidentally that the festival gathers about 40 000 fans of electronic music every year. This is one of the most prestigious music events in Europe. In 2005 during three festival days had performed around 100 DJ’s and musicians on six stages. The musicians and the visitors had eaten 25 000 hamburgers in the territory of 30 football fields which was covered by a Wi-Fi network.

Međunarodni festival elektronske muzike i suvremenih tehnologija

7. The main festival of free port V-Rox in Vladivostok

Last weekend of August

Rock music and the warm ocean are the main reasons for visiting V-Rox festival in Vladivostok the last weekend of August. The festival lasts for three days and during that time about 100 000 people visit this festival. In the very center of Vladivostok during day and night at the same time on some stages play young rock musicians from Russia, Japan, China, the USA, United Kingdom and many other countries.

festival slobodne luke V-Rox 

8. International music festival “Usadba Jazz”

Beginning of June

The combination of jazz music from all over the world under the sky and the atmosphere of classic Russian manor (rus. „usadba”) gathers 40 000 people in Moscow every year. “Usudba Jazz” festival has been held for 10 years in territory of Arkhangelksoye manor. It is a magnificent architectural and landscape ensemble of the late 18th century which used to be owned by duke Golitsyn and Yusupov families. In those days the members of the highest social classes of Imperial Russia visited balls and the local music had already been considered an integral part of the balls. The festival in Arkhangelskoye quickly has become the biggest Russian jazz manifestation. In 2015 the festival changed its location and moved to Russian manor “Tsaritsyno” from the epoch of Catherine the Great. The same year the festival began to take place in other big Russian cities including St. Petersburg.

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