The 10 most important economical happenings in Russia in year 2012.

What happened in Russian economy last year?

1.Holding APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Forum in Vladivistok in September. As a preparation for Forum , it was invested in town’s infrastructure around 18 milliard  dollars, what made total investments in summit around 21 milliard dollars, which has 50 % of trade exchange with EU, has used the attention to signal the increase of interest for Asian-Pacific region with the aim to enrich and strengthen economy.

2. According to Bloomberg’s list of best countries for business, published in April last year, Russia was listed into these 50 countries with the good climate for investments, and from total of 160 countries covered in this research. Russia is in front of BRICS partners, India and Brazil which are on 49th and 50th place. In the research there are many economical indicators- from the level of economical integration and price for starting the new businesses, up to the price for work and material and domestic investors’ readiness.

3. Russia became, in August 2012, full member of World Trade organization (WTO).The process lasted for 19 years and Russia was the last from economic great powers included in WTO. The experts say that that could have been 7 years earlier if Russian market had been adjusted , so it is too early to make any conclusions on advantages and disadvantages for Russia and world in total, since becoming the member of WTO does not guarantee economy stimulation.

4. Russian car manufacturer Soller started in September Join venture investment with Japanese Mazda for making cars on Russian far east.

5. Bank of Russia, also in September, sold 7,6 percent of Sberbank for 5,2 milliard dollars in attempt to stimulate positive capital stream in country and to encourage more issuers for placement of shares. Sberbank shares practically rose over night. The offer was closed on 2nd October.

6. Russian giant Gazprom in October opened new part of Nord Stream pipeline to Europe, which doubled the capacity on 55 billion cubic meters per year.

7.Russian national oil giant Rosneft,in October, announced the intent to buy 100 percent of shares of TNK-BP from Alfa Group, Acess Industries Renova (AAR Consortium) and British BP.The business is in total 61 milliard dollars valid.

8.One of three biggest Russian Phone operators MegaFon, in November, on London stock gave the inicial public offer (IPO) of its shares.Company rose 1,7 milliard dollars for 15,2 percent at the price of 20 dollars per share.Majority of sharers was bought by American and British investors, while Russian players gave less that 10% of offers.

9.Sberbank announced in October establishing of join venture (joined business attemp) with Russian Internet giant Yandex in Yandex’s money platform, Yandex Money

10.Russian investment group DST ,in May, by starting Yury Milner of Mail.ri, became second biggest seller of Facebook shares

Picture 1.1. Economical growth of G7 countries and Russia

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