Jadran Galenic Laboratory received Deloitte’s green award

Posted: 28.11.2016. - Economics


Jadran Galenic Laboratory (JGL) has won the Green Frog Award 2016 ‘by Deloitte Croatia, awarded for the best report on sustainable development in Croatia in 2016, Deloitte reported on Friday.JGL is, in fact, won the…

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Russia… Large, endless and amazing.

Posted: 31.10.2016. - Economics

Rusija ... Velika, beskrajna i nevjerojatna!

Russia… Large, endless and amazing.Its territory and culture are so diverse that you can travel in Russia as often as possible — and every time you will discover this country anew.The Russians themselves refer to…

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Russians are excited with Croatian products

Posted: 25.02.2016. - Economics


The company „Sardina” from Postira has made an agreement worth around one million euros for additional supply of canned fish and pate for the current year on the Russian market. The company “Podravka” from Koprivnitsa…

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St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2016

Posted: 18.12.2015. - Economics

st peterburg forum

 On December 2, 2015, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Foundation received a special award at The Moscow Times Awards for its contribution to promoting Russia’s image abroad.The expert board deciding the awards comprises heads…

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Welt: Russian oil companies are profiting from the crisis

Posted: 24.08.2015. - Economics

Ruske naftne kompanije

The weakening of the Russian economy, among other things, is related to the drop in oil prices, but Russian oil companies generate the biggest profits in the world market, writes the German newspaper Die Welt. “Russian…

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Qualified foreigners to get Russian citizenship faster under new rules

Posted: 21.08.2015. - Economics

Visa Russia

Under new rules it will be easier for foreign professionals to obtain Russian citizenship. Migrants who have expertise in the field of medicine and engineering, as well as qualified workers will be able to obtain…

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Ankara explained the disposal of signing the Turkish Stream conctract

Posted: 06.08.2015. - Economics

Turski tok

Međuvladin sporazum između Moskve i Ankare o izgradnji plinovoda „Turski tok” i sporazum o popustu na plin trebaju biti potpisani istovremeno, nakon…

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BRICS supports Putin

Posted: 10.07.2015. - Economics


Summit of the republics of Brazil, China, India, Russia and South African Republic. Washington failed in their attempts to isolate Moscow. Summit of the BRICS countries which, on Thursday, have adopted Political Declaration, proves that Washington’s…

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After Norway and Ukraine, “Dalekovod” sets off to Finland

Posted: 24.06.2015. - Economics

Paško Vela

“Dalekovod” has not been to Finnish market yet, but is competing for job worth of 30 million euros. The book of contracted projects for Zagreb “Dalekovod” for this year is completely filled, with a new jobs in foreign…

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