Muzej Panorama Borodinske bitke

Museum panorama Borodin battle is the part od historical memorial to victory in the war against Napoleon army in year 1812 including the triumphal arch from year 1827 and army museum with statues and army equipment. Panorama “Borodin battle” consists of painted canvas placed in circle and lighted in special way to create the impression that the characters move. The size of picture “Borodino” placed in circle is 115 m and height 15 m. The author presented the peak of the battle when both armies fought on life and death. Everything is followed by sound effects which copy the fight elements and the parts of introduction of Tchaikovsky’s “1812 year”.Even though it was firstly imagined as the museum of one exhibit- the canvas where the battle is painted, with the time collected big number of paintings, graphics, objects and weapons from Russian-French war from year 1812.

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