Express route Astana-Atyrau-Astana is opened


New Kazan’s fast Talgo train drives once in four days. Transit time is 22 hours and 57 minutes from Astan to Atyrau and 22 hours and 15 minutes back. By introducing of this express railway line number 19/20 time of travelling from Astan to Atyrau, dictance 1839 km, is reduced from 33 to 22 hours.

Train has 27 wagons, of which 22 are for passengers transfer. These are two “Grand” wagons in class of luxury apartments, two “Business “ (double) class and 18 “Tourist” class. Train has three technical wagons, wagon for dining and bar wagon.

One of the wagons “Grand” class is designed for disabled travellers and it is equipped with special lift which enables moving inside the wagon, with both high and low platforms. This wagon has shower, WC, specially equipped doors and button for calls.

“Tulpar-Talgo” wagon has high comfort and light design and they are produced by the use of newest technologies and adjusted specially to climate terms of Kazan. They have central charge system, air condition, electronic managing safety system. Apart from that, they are equipped by special system for toilet cleaning.

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