Gazpromu prijeti 10 milijardi eura kazne od EU

European commission (EK) plans to have investigation against Gazprom till the end of the year and submit official complaint against that company due to abuse on European gas market.

Spokeswoman of EK Marisa Gonzales Iglesias, said to the agency Itar Tass that is to early  to speak about terms for finishing the investigation. She also added that since there is not any legal  deadlines to finish antitrust investigation, it can’t say when it will be finished.

European commission has announced official antitrust investigation to state whether Gazprom violates European rule of competition, specially in the countries of eastern and central Europe. It is talked about Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Concrete, EK has said that Russian company could have done the violations in three possible cases-when dividing the gas market, what makes problems in supply to countries members of EU, at spreading gas delivery and when determining prices for clients and its connection to oil price.

According to European legislation, the penalty for violation of rules of competition can reach 10 % of annual company  income, what is in case of Gazprom, more than 10 billion eur

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