Gazpromneft raskinuo ugovor sa Naftnim terminalima BIH

Russian national oil company Gazpromneft, who bought few months ago OMV’s chain of gas station in Bosnia and Hercegovina, cancelled two year’s contract on rental of storage in Oil terminals BIH (NTF) in Ploče.

By cancelling of this contract NTF lost nearly 3 million KM (1,5 million euro) since Gazpromneft according to the contract on two years should have paid  60.000 euro monthly.

Gazpromneft is, after buying of OMV’s stations in BIH, founded company in Sarajevo G-petrol who sent letter few days ago on address of NTF to cancel the rental of storage used by OMV since then.It is the story of reservoir total volume of 10.000 cubic meters.NTF has already announced public call for rental of storage in order to solve this situation, and Russians are obliged to pay out in next two months all funds according to the contract valid until December.

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