Twelve fantastic reasons to visit Russia

Twelve fantastic reasons to visit Russia

You still have not visited the largest country in the world? Too bad, but in this article we present you 12 worth visiting places in Russia.

1. Baykal

Baykal is the world inhabited by thousands of birds, animals, plants, fish and microorganisms, many of which can not be found anywhere else in the world. The lake is as large as the surface of Belgium, and if you decide to hike around it at normal speed, it would take four months for you. The producer James Cameron was also enchanted by the views of this lake that once dived to the bottom of the lake to investigate it for filming Titanic and Avatar.

2. The gulf of geysers in Kamchatka

One of the largest gulf of geysers in the world, the Gulf in Kamchatka is the famous area under the protection of UNESCO, the “Volcanoes of Kamchatka”. Every year only a few thousand lucky people are able to visit it due to remoteness and nature reserve status.

3. Chukotka

There are no roads or railways in Chukotka. That is why this place has remained a paradise with untouched nature, endlessly long arctic storms and unmerciful frosts from the northern Pacific Ocean, for which everyone who saw them is said to be something special. The autochthonous population of Chukotka, Chukchas and Eskimos are friendly and hospitable nation. Every year they organize dog and deer racing.

4. Mine Mir

The former diamond mine is located in Siberia. It’s so big that it is not allowed helicopters to fly over it due to the danger of an air stream over the mine. The Mine Mir is the second largest excavated pit on Earth. Mir produces more than 10 million carats annually.

5. Island Kizhi

Do not miss the way to Kizhi island that is under the protection of UNESCO whose beauty is so breathtaking. In Russia this island has become a symbol of medieval wooden architecture.

6. Vovnushk

The Caucasus Ingushetia region is full of towers and traps – almost on every hill an ancient stone structure rises behind every corner.

7. Ural

Ural is one of the oldest mountain range in the world. Ural is a paradise for lovers of paranormal – countless legends about UFOs and continious pursuits for the lost Dyatlov’s group.

8. Plato Plutorana

Plato Plutorana is the most northern and one of the oldest volcanic plains in the world. It is located east of the easternmost town on Earth above the polar – Norilsk. It has more than 25,000 lakes and the waterfall concentration is the largest in the world.

9. Multa Lakes

Multa lakes are a jewel of the Altay region. They are divided into three lakes: Upper, Middle and Lower Lakes. New Age fans come here looking for the secrets of Shambala – the mythical magical land from ancient Kalachkare texts.

10. Two capitals

So different but equally magnetically appealing they are often happily replenished. St. Petersburg is not only the city but a legend, a marvellous city whose beauty can only be measured with Paris. Moscow is the largest European city with the deepest metro space in the world, the largest Orthodox church and the largest university building in the world.

11. “Zolotoe koltso”

Next to Moscow there is “Zolotoe koltso” that is a true chest of wonders for those who love history and who want to discover the ancient Slavic roots of this country.

12. Arctic

Ostrich and deer breeders who read your destiny under Polar star and long polar nights that turn into a day only once a year – all these wonders are the most common everyday life of the Arctic. Tourists who love historic sites come here because the Russian Arctic is the birthplace of Gulag, but the region itself has a lot more to see and visit.



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