Još jedan sastanak Zmajlovića i Voronjina

On the meeting of Environment and nature minister Mihael Zmajlović and Zarubežnjeft’s general director deputy  Alexander J. Vorinjin, company that owns  Refinery Brod in Bosanski Brod, held on Monday in Zagreb, it was said that in the area of Rafinery was placed measuring station and that was on the probation regime from the beginning of August.

Milorad Šmitran, authorized representative of Nestro group that represents Zarubežnjeft in Croatia, informed Minister on current situation connected to process modernization dynamic ,saying that modernization continues at the arranged dynamic and speeding up in processes are done in the parts directly concerned to ecological questions and that part will be finished till 2015.

Minister Zmajlović has said to the participants of activities which were taken by Environment and nature ministry from the previous meeting on cooperation of services 112 of Croatia and BIH and notifications in the cases of remarkable air pollution, as well as in the way of international cooperation on inspection of environment protection and creating additional systems to supervise air condition on area of Slavonski Brod. He also brought information about setting up of additional measuring station in Slavonski Brod, temporary movable station, to overcome the period till public contest will be held for setting up of additional measuring station.

„First task of my ministry is in as shorter as possible period come to quality and permanent solution for problem connected to air pollution in Slavonski Brod and we expect big effort of all sides included, according to arranged agreements“, pointed out by Zmajlović, adding that the only solution for that is modernization of Rafinery Brod soon.

„Rafinery Brod is actively included in problem of ecological safety and it follows the plan of environment protection for period 2013 to 2017, while Zarubežnjeft at the same time tries to undertake all the measures needed to fulfil the deadlines for modernization and it does everything to fasten the process“, Voronjin concluded.

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