If you want to acquaint Russia, find out all its beauties and secrets, solve businesses or simply escape from everyday life in beautiful country full of contrasts and interesting things? If you need a help in fulfilling that dream by the long term professional, we are here to organise absolutely everything needed for your trip and getting to know Russia.

Answers on everything you want to know about Russia, the best ways of travelling, accommodation, transfer, business happenings, places that you mustn’t miss and so on, you can find on our portal which will on daily basis bring something new from Russia about Russia.

We are tourist agency Atlantis Travel which has offices in Croatia and Russia and we are able to offer you services connected to travelling of high quality at low prices:

  • group and individual travelling
  • business travelling
  • obtaining visa or voucher
  • plane tickets
  • tours around Russian town
  • accommodation ,transfers or excursions for business or private clients
  • wide choice of hotels, apartments and villas at best prices
  • cruising and sailing
  • study tours

Our big advantage is that we know the countries we take you to in details. Our employees and partners from the first hand know the countries which enable them to give you reliable information and offers the best possible. They will help you to experience the country you travel to in full, to feel its spirit and see all that that is hidden behind the boarders. If you want private tour or a tour accompanied by the group, luxury holiday or something more economic, but at the same time content, relaxing in nature or more dynamic tours which offer more then the “basis”, or on the other hand combination of one and other- we can offer you all!

Our team consists of enthusiastic tourist managers, guides-lovers in their towns, reliable escorts, drivers and partners, who for many years, successfully work with us to fulfil our complete services and make the travellers satisfied.

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